Interactive Educational Games

CancerQuest has developed several interactive educational 'edutainment' games that allow users to challenge themselves and see how well they can recall what they have learned on the site. The games reinforce the knowledge presented in the text and videos and most provide feedback to help guide users.  We continue to add more games so check back to play the newest ones.  To see an example and play the games in the sections where they are found, choose from the following:

Know the Flow: The technical aspects of cancer biology can be confusing. It is important to understand the basic steps involved in the different events covered (i.e. spread of cancer).  This game lets users place the steps in a process in the correct order.

The Grid: In this competitive game, multiple players are presented with questions in different categories and answer questions to earn points.

Pick a Part: The challenge of this activity is to match anatomical structures with drag and drop labels.

Crossword Puzzles:  As the name suggests.  These puzzles allow users to test their knowledge of the vocabulary used in the field.

Save the Surfer: This is a skin-cancer specific game in which the users must correcly answer questions to save a surfer from the damaging rays of the sun.

Burn Out: This game is focused on lung cancer and allows users to answer questions to earn points.

QuizzesMost sections of CancerQuest have associated quizzes.  While not 'games' in the sense of the others on this list, the quizzes provide immediate feedback on a user's knowledge of the material.  Quizzes are available in the the area below the left-side navigation.  Because they are different from the other interactive self-assessment tools on the site, the section about the quizzes is located one level up, under 'Education Center', not in the 'Educational Games' listing.

Numbers: Try to answer our numbers quiz, and see how well you did against other respondents.