CancerQuest Donors

The members of CancerQuest gratefully acknowledge donations made by the following individuals and organizations. Their generosity has made the work of CancerQuest possible.

Individual Supporters

Dr. Elizabeth Ann Amadei in memory of Mr. Walter Orloff
Bank of America United Way Campaign other donors include Mrs. Cecile K. Bazaz, Ms. Shari Loftily, Mr. Eric Adam Newmark, Mr. G Alister Bazaz, Ms. Staci A. Smith, Ms. Kumiko Watanabe Newmark, Mrs. Suzanne F. Araoz, Mr. Jose I. Araoz
Lauren Levin Bender in memory of Daniel DeSevo
Ann and David Benson
Arlynn and Craig Bloom
in memory of William Maylon Loskoski
David Botwinick
in honor of Lynda Malve
Linda and Richard Boyd in memory of Eileen Orloff
David and Marcy Brod in memory of Mr. Walter Orloff and in memory of Eileen Orloff
Beth and Murray Brown in memory of Mr. Walter Orloff and in memory of Eileen Orloff
Dr. Ronald William Buckalew and Mrs. Carol M. Buckalew
Dr. Uriel Castañeda and Dr. Ashley Marie Castillo in honor of Mrs. Virginia Castañeda
Justin and Amanda Davis in honor of Colin Wayne Johnson
Michael J. Derry
Michael Finnerty in memory of Victroria Finnerty
Lee Finke and Beverly Parrish in memory and honor of Ellie Sophia Finke, Gus C. Finke, Fred William Finke, Freddie Forrest Parrish, Edna L. Parrish and Gaye Corder
Victoria Finnerty in memory of Richard Campo, Sr.
Kay L. Fitkin in memory of M. Curtis Langhorne and Mary S. Lanhorne
Leah Gorban
Judith Gore

Joanne Greene in memory of Eileen Orloff
Garnet and Joe Halstead in memory of Dr. Victoria Finnerty
Sarah Inmon
Andrea and Matthew Klopman

Shelly Levin-Tate in memory of Mr. Walter Orloff
Cheryl Lietz
Joyce Novella
in honor of Dr. Gregg Orloff
Hill and Marci Orloff
Maxine and Nyle Orloff in memory of Mr. Morgenstern
Sherry L. Orloff in memory of Wiley 'Buz' McGriff and Robert Manley Stokes
Eileen and Walter Orloff  in memory of Edna Barsky, Billy Jaron and Fred Jaron
Lois Overbeck in memory of Gene Blocker, Alexandra Mettler, Tom Crawford and David Hesla; in honor of Jim Overbeck
Diane and Peter Peters in memory of Mr. Walter Orloff
Deborah Pike in memory of Dr. Victoria Finnerty
Ilyse Reid in memory of Eileen Orloff
The Schwab Family
Bernice Silverman
Martha Shull
Darrell Stokes
Karen Summers
Betsy Tanner
Donna Votto and Marlene Heist in memory of Mr. Walter Orloff
Bradley Zlotnick in memory of Victoria Finnerty

Foundations Supporting CancerQuest

The Wilma and Walt Fanz Foundation
In honor of Freddie Daum and memory of Wilma and Walt Fanz

Lin Fearrington Thomas Foundation

The Skin Cancer Awareness Network


The following organizations have provided financial or in-kind support for the CancerQuest website and outreach program.

 The initial Simplified Mandarin translation was financially supported by AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Funding (grants and/or direct financial support) for the site has been provided by:

CancerQuest is also the proud recipient of an ongoing grant from Google (Google Grants and Google Grants Pro Programs).