Multimedia Resources

This section contains several types of 'formal'  and informal education tools (seminars, lectures, lesson plans) as well as videos about medical tests and interviews with cancer survivors and researchers.  Browse the following sections:

  • Patient Stories - Cancer patients share their experiences to empower others.
  • Researcher and Clinician Interviews - Learn about the research that drives cancer treatments from the people on the front lines.
  • Visual Guide to Cancer Treatment Terms - A series of short 'white board' animations defining frequently used cancer treatment terms.
  • Patient Education Videos - Learn about medical test results, medical procedures and cancer detection and diagnosis.
  • Lectures - The lecture series presented here cover cancer biology and the process of drug discovery/development.
  • Downloadable Curricula - Get lesson plans.  Go here to download PowerPoint® presentations and more for teaching students and others about cervical cancer and skin cancer. 
  • Quizzes - Quizzes are present throughout the site to allow users to check their knowledge and get instant feedback.  No grades, no points, just an easy way to find out how you are taking it all in.
  • Our eleven minute animated documentary about how cancer develops, grows and spreads.
  • Cancer History Timelines - Two timelines are presented, the History of Cancer and the History of Cancer Detection.
  • Dictionary - Cancer has its own language, and our dictionary helps explain the terms for the lay person.