CancerQuest Patient Stories

CancerQuest presents interviews with cancer patients and their caregivers. We hope that their experiences will provide both practical advice and serve as inspiration for those facing the challenges cancer presents. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the patients, family members and others who have given generously of their time to help with this ongoing effort.

Choose an interview from the following list to learn more and watch the videos. The cancer addressed in the interview is in parentheses:

Ned Crystal sitting in an office Ned Crystal
marilyn fry sitting in office Marilyn Fry
lori and dewayne sitting in room Lori and DeWayne Grice
(cervical cancer)
philip groom sitting in chair Philip Groom
Ginny Johnston sitting in chair Ginny Johnston
(multiple myeloma)
Tony LaRocco sitting in a booth Tony LaRocco
Ed Levitt sitting in a chair Ed Levitt
(lung cancer)
Karen Neely sitting in chair Karen Neely
(breast cancer)
Jan Miles on the couch Jan Niles
Monica Pearson in red chair Monica Pearson
(breast cancer)
Don and Sylvia Shaw at spa Don and Sylvia Shaw
Robin Shoulla sitting next to tree Robin Shoulla
(breast cancer)