In addition to the text-based content of CancerQuest, we have developed many videos and animations to teach cancer biology, detection and diagnosis. The videos are distributed throughout the site but we have collected some of them here as a central resource for patients who want to learn about specific detection, diagnosis or treatment techniques.

We have over 1000 videos in English and Spanish on the CancerQuest YouTube channel.

Medical Testing

It is important for patients to understand the limitations and interpretation of medical tests.  NO medical test is perfect. These videos cover basic properties of all medical tests and allow viewers to better understand test results and make more informed decisions about their healthcare.

False Positives and False Negatives: If a medical test indicates that you have a disease, should you trust it?  Medical tests can (and do) give incorrect results. Learn more in this video.

Sensitivity and Specificity: If 10 people out of a group of 100 had a particular condition, how many of those people would be identified by a medical test designed to find that condition? Would the test flag normal people as having the condition?

Cancer Treatments

Chemotherapy: - provides an overview of chemotherapy treatment for cancer. The video also discusses possible side effects of treatments.

Radiation therapy: - provides an overview of radiation therapy treatment for cancer.

Medical Procedures

Biopsy (Core Biopsy)

Biopsy (FIne Needle Aspiration)


Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy


Explanations of Common Cancer-Related Words

Many of the words used to describe cancer and cancer treatments can be confusing. Working with colleagues at the Winship Cancer Institute we have created a collection of whiteboard videos to explain some of these terms.

See the Cancer Terms Page (you will be taken to the 'For Patients' section of the site)

At-Home Care of Medical Devices

Care of Central Lines (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters, or PICC lines)

Gastrostomy (G-tube, PEG tube, stomach tube)

Cancer Specific Video Collections

Breast Cancer: A collection of breast cancer education videos and COMPASS: Breast Cancer Edition, a fully integrated breast cancer education resource that includes many videos and links to reliable information.

Cervical Cancer: Visit 'Papillomaville', a virtual town designed to let users view interactions about different aspects of the human papilloma virus (HPV), and cervical cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment.