Breast Cancer Videos and Animations

We have developed two different ways to present breast cancer education videos.  The first is an interactive timeline of breast cancer that shows the path a patient could take during the detectio and diagnosis of breast cancer. There are many videos and they placed along a path but can be viewed in any order. We call this COMPASS: Breast Cancer Edition.  The second collection of videos is  called Breast Cancer: A Patient's Journey focuses on detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. There are eight videos in this collection.

Both are available on discs.

COMPASS: Breast Cancer Edition

CancerQuest has developed an entire interactive time line for breast cancer detection, diagnosis, and treatment. This interface includes videos about breast cancer detection as well as insights from experts in breast cancer. Click on the image below in order to view COMPASS. You will need to have a Flash player installed to view this.  This will not work on devices that don't support Flash (i.e. iPads, iPhones).

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Breast Cancer: A Patient's Journey

The videos in this series describe breast cancer detection and diagnosis techniques including: mammography, ultrasound, breast biopsy, sentinel lymph node biopsy, and pathology. Lymphedema, a side effect that may occur as a result of techniques used for breast cancer detection, is also discussed in a video.  We have also created two videos about medical testing that are important to help patients understand the results of all medical tests.

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Learn how to obtain a copy Breast Cancer: A Patient's Journey (DVD or CD).