The People Behind CancerQuest

CancerQuest is the result of the hard work of many people.
Meet some of them on this page:

Founder and First Director

Dr. Gregg M. Orloff, Ph.D
Retired Assistant Professor, Hematology and Medical Oncology
Professor Emeritus, Biology
Emory University

Dr. Orloff earned his B.S. in Microbiology at the Pennsylvania State University in 1983 and his PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from Emory University in 1990. He has been a faculty member in the Biology Department since 1993 and the Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology since 2007. He has taught numerous undergraduate courses, including Introductory Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics and Cancer Biology. 

His work on CancerQuest began in 1998 in response to his wife's experience with breast cancer. He directed the project until his retirement from Emory in 2023.

Support for CancerQuest

Emory University has provided both financial and technical support for CancerQuest in many ways since its inception in 1998.

In particular, the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship has provided both technical and financial support for the website for a number of years.

Many individuals have financially supported the work of CancerQuest. View a list of donors.

Cancer patients who have generously given their time and energy and to help make the future brighter for others:

Behr Champana
Ned Crystal
Julio Farach
Victoria Finnerty
Marilyn Fry
Lori Grice
Philip Groom
Darren Johnson
Ginny Johnston
Tony LaRocco
Edward Levitt
Karen Neely
Jan Niles
Sherry Orloff
Monica Pearson
Don and Sylvia Shaw
Robin Shoulla

Technical Team (Web Design, Graphics, Videography, Programming)

The CancerQuest website was revised and re-launched. The work was done by a private web design company.  Many people at Emory and elsewhere helped inform the design.
Additional work on the migration was performed by: Sindoos Awel, Ethan Handa, Ashley Powers, and Alexa Young.

1998 - 2016
*Lee Clontz
Jessica Griffin
*Nagib Haque
Fatima Khwaja
Matt Klopman
Jacek Kucharewicz
Lowell Lamb
Neha Shah
Jeff Voris

* Lee and Nagib have both contributed in major ways to the development of CancerQuest, and I would like to extend them my deepest gratitude.  Lee was instrumental in developing the website in its 'early years', and still helps us out. Nagib has worked with CancerQuest for many years, and has contributed in so many ways that it is hard to enumerate them.  Thanks!!

The following people have all contributed their time and effort to make the CancerQuest program a success.

Site Content

The content of CancerQuest has been researched and written by Dr. Gregg Orloff and lots of other folks:

Olaseni Ajibadi
Deanna Altomara
Reem Al-Atassi
Julie Baher
Camille Barton
Laura Bernstein
Megan Brown
Uriel Castañeda
Hoi Yin "Eric" Chien
Kawai Cheung
Megan Collins
Rachel Corbitt
Courtney Crouch
Victoria Finnerty
Jessica Franke
Sreshta Gadiparthy
Max Gomas
Jessica Griffin
Marki Guzlas
Ethan Handa
Elizabeth Harris
Nagib Haque
Benjamin Hefner
Justin Ho
Kevin Huang
Sarah Inmon
Mehreen Iqbal
Robin Iriele
Chao Ji
Colin Johnson
Darren Johnson
Dr. Kim Kafadar
Daniel Kikuchi
Austin Lai
Lowell Lamb
Karina Maberly
Matthew MacDougal
Ryan McCarty
Bryce Mendelsohn
Melissa Nahin
Pete Nkengasong
Stephanie Onyebetor
Walter Orloff
Isabel Pardes Cantos
Isaac Park
Pulak Patel
Stanislav Poliashenko
Ashley Powers
Michelle Rosenthal
Carolyn Sanderson
Mina Sardashti
Maryam Shariff
Hartej Singh
Ashley Singleton
Amanda Spielman
Yemii Teshome
Katherine Thayer
Rachel Tobin
Srisneha Vallabhajosyula
Jessica Waldrop
Allison West
Kevin Wu
Peter Yang
Tina Yu
Dr. Nicholas G Zaorsky (
Contributions have also been made by students enrolled in Cancer Biology (Biology 415).

Animations, Videos and Graphics

Rachel Corbitt
Jessica Griffith
Nagib Haque
Dr. Matthew Klopman
Lowell Lamb
Ashwathi P. Menon
Lauren Rusnak
Janelle Tanghal
Danyang 'Ariel' Yang
Dr. Nicholas Zaorsky

Publicity and Marketing

Anirudh 'Andy' Dwarakanath
Ethan Handa
Rachel Schwartz
Shayne Sebold
Nina Somé


CancerQuest content is currently available in English and Spanish.  Revisions of the Simplified and Traditional Mandarin versions are underway. The translations have been made possible by the efforts of many students, faculty members and other volunteers.

Spanish Translation

The  initial Spanish translation was made possible by the dedication and selfless efforts of Lily Liu and Dr. Sandra Berrios-Torres.

Logo of ITESM

2014-present: Our relationship with ITESM has expanded and Dr. Ashutosh Sharma has helped spearhead the development of a cancer education and outreach program at the Querétaro campus.  The student-led group (CancerComm) works to promote cancer awareness and support cancer patients in the area around the campus.  They also continue to work with CancerQuest to translate content and generate original content in Spanish.

2012-2013: We were fortunate enough to garner the continued support for the project at ITESM.
Two faculty members coordinated the effort:

Dr. Ashutosh Sharma
Research Professor
School of Engineering in Food, Biotechnology and Agronomy (ESIABA)
Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM)
Campus Queretaro, Mexico

Dr. Prashant Kumar Mishra
Research Professor
School of Engineering in Food Industry, Biotechnology and Agronomy (ESIABA)
Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM)
Campus Querétaro, Mexico

2010-2011: CancerQuest underwent a major revision, and updates were performed by student volunteers from the Institute Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM).  The translation/revision project was overseen by Elizabeth Valencia Reyes.  We are indebted to Elizabeth for her time, effort and kindness in all aspects of the collaboration.

The following ITESM students have worked on the website

Gabriel André Barragán Bravo
Lilia Elizabeth Barraza Abreu
Karen Chávez Bracamontes
Raúl García Aguilera
Israel Guerrero Argüero
Fernanda Luna Arvizu
Rodrigo Machado Riveira
Zaira Irene Marroquín Lira
María del Mar Martínez Gallardo Usabiaga
Sandra Martínez Delgado
Luis Angel Montero Alvarez
Itziar Morales Arcelus
Daniela Noriega Sierra
Josúe Olguín Arredondo
Polett Quiñones Busquets
Almendra Reyes Calderón
Elena Schenkel 
Yael Soria
Paulina Vielma Délano

Emory Team
People who have worked on the Spanish version of the website

Meryl Abrams
Shannon Acker
Hugo Aparicio
Isabel Paredes Cantos
Uriel Castañeda
Javier Donestevez
Alejandra Fernandez
Sara Gil
Carlos Goller
Sarah Inmon
Sung-Min 'Cecilia' Jung
Karina Maberly
Jeremy Paden
Isabel Paredes Cantos
Pulak Patel
Alina Ulezko

Chinese Translations

The Simplified and Traditional Mandarin Chinese versions of CancerQuest are the result of a HUGE amount of work of by students, faculty and volunteers at Emory and at our partner institutions in Taiwan and China.

Logo of the China Medical University in Taichung, Taiwan

China Medical  University Team (currently under re-development)
The Traditional Mandarin translation has been made possible by a collaboration with the China Medical University in Taichung, Taiwan.  Initial work on the translation was performed at Emory by CMU student interns and the remainder has been done by Medical Technology students at CMU.  The project has been overseen by Dr. Cheng-Wen Lin and Dr. Meng-Liang Lin. The daily translations are coordinated by student volunteers enrolled at the university.

CMU Team
The following CMU students have worked on the website

Szu-Han Chao
Ying-Ling Chen
Pei-An Chen
Chang-Yu Cheng
Tsai-Ming Chia
Hung-Ju Chiang
Yi-Ping Chiang
Jung-Ting Chien
Po-Ching Chou
Ting-Wei Chu
Chee-Peng Chua
Liang-Hui Fen
Sun-Li Fen
Liu-Kung Fu
Meng-Chun Hsieh
Chen-Hsin Hsin
Jade Alma Hsu
I-Ching Huang
Kuan-Teng Huang
Po-Chun Huang
Yi-Chen Shu
Min-Jiuan Kuo
Ya-Hsuan Lee
Hung-Ta Li
Yi-Jung Li
Ming-Hui Liang
Jiou-Yi Lin
Pei-Jiun Lin
Shiau-Yun Lu
Fan-Yu Meng
Lin-Yi Ning
Chen-Zi Rong
Chen-Wei Shen
Yu-Yuan Su
Chih-Hung Wang
Hsieh-Yu Wen
Shih-Hsien Weng
Yi-Chen Wu
Julian Yang

Nankai University Team (for Chinese version currently under development)
With the help of Dr. Jin-Tang Dong of Emory University, we have developed an active partnership with Nankai University to update and revise the Simplified Mandarin version of the website.The following Nankai students have worked on the website

Menglin Li (leader)
Ziqi Chen
Xing Fu
Qi He
Qiuyu Jing
Qiyun Li
Jieyu Liu
Pulan Liu
Hua Tian
Liurong Xiao
Junjie Xie
Hua Xu
Jingxin Zhang
Chenfei Zhou

Lei Huang at Emory works very closely with this team.

Emory Team
The following people have worked on the Chinese versions of the website and outreach efforts.

Glen Abedi
Carli Blomquist
Huilin Chen
Kawai Chueng
Jung-Ting Chien
Di Cui
Boya Guo
Justin Ho
Lei 'Haley' Huang
Sarah Inmon
Amy Jeng
Fangyi Lin
Julie Liu
Myles McCrary
Danyang 'Ariel' Wang
Margie Yuan
Yaying Wang
Kevin Wu
Megan Zhang
Youyun Zheng