Young Cancer Survivors Have A Hard Time Feeling "Normal".

woman sitting in window; sadness

Cancer patients face many challenges.  The challenges don't end with the treatments.  According to a long-term study by researchers at the University of Michigan, a large percentage of young adults struggle to get "back to normal" two years after their original diagnosis.  Researchers had patients fill out detailed self-reported questionnaires, which looked to evaluate the relationship between patients and their reintegration into society.  In the study about 32% of participants reported low social functioning, even when some were off medication completely.  Patients with low social functioning also tended to have especially high levels of distress.  The results show the importance of receiving constant support during and after cancer treatment.  Support groups and other social comforts can have a highly positive effect on patients and are recommended for patients having difficulty readjusting to life after cancer. 

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