HUGE! Patient Has NO Evidence Of Cancer After New Immune Treatment.

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It is hard to overstate this. This. Is. Huge.

A woman with previous incurable breast cancer has no evidence of disease 22 months after being treated with  a combination of immunotherapies.

The patient had gone through many different kinds of chemotherapy but still had large tumors growing in her. She was lucky enough to be chosen for a clinical trial.

The trial had several parts:

  1. Her tumor was studied to see what changes (mutations) were present in the cancer cells.
  2. Immune cells (T cells) found in the woman's tumor samples were then tested to see if they could recognize any of the mutated proteins.
  3. Those T cells were then put back into the woman, along with a drug that prevents the cancer from shutting down the immune system.

She was also treated to make the T cells have a better chance of surviving once they were put back into her body.

The end result - Tumors that had been the size of tennis balls are GONE!  Amazing results for her and incredible hope for the future (hopefully near future).  Wow...

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