Plant Extract & Cancer Drug Reverse Aging Caused By Old Cells

chicken of the woods mushroom

As we age, our cells age too. Some of them stop dividing and enter a state of reduced activity called senescence.  Senescent cells can produce signals that lead to inflammation, aging and even cancer.

New research has demonstrated that (at least in mice) killing senescent cells can lead to the reversal of some traits associated with aging. The researchers used a combination of two treatments to kill the cells. The first is an approved cancer drug - dasatinib (SPRYCEL®). The other agent used was quercetin, a chemical found in some plants. fruits and fungi (like the chicken-of-the-woods mushroom in the image). Quercetin seems to kill senescent cells without harming healthy cells.

The results of this work have implications for several diseases related to aging, including cancer.

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Image Credit
Chicken-of-the-woods mushroom. Photo by Gregg Orloff.