Artificial Intelligence Uses Infrared To Detect Cancer

colorized closeup of a microprocessor

Detecting cancer is not always easy. Samples (biopsies) have to be studied under a microscope for signs of cancer. To make it easier to tell normal cells from cancer, dyes are used to color different parts of cells and tissues different colors.

That could be about to change. A new, hybrid, microscope has been created that allows biopsy samples to be imaged using both visible light and infrared light. The combination, combined with an artificial intelligence (AI) program, can be used to digitally 'stain' the sample and find cancer.

The AI program is able to find cancer that is difficult or impossible for humans to see. The new system is not very expensive to create and could be used widely if verified.

The original research was done by engineers at the University of Illinois.

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Michael Dziedzic vis