Lecture Series

CancerQuest films and presents a variety of talks by cancer educators, researchers and clinicians. The target audiences for the talks vary.  Some of them are appropriate for the general public and others are more technical.   Most of the talks are accompanied by PowerPoint® slides that are synchronized to the talk.  You can just watch, listen and learn.  There are several different sets of talks:

Cancer Biology Lectures: These talks were presented to Emory University students by Dr. Gregg Orloff, Director of CancerQuest.  The talks are accompanied by PowerPoint® slides and cover the basics of cancer biology.  Because these lectures were given in an upper-level Biology course, some background in biology is assumed.  Each talk is approximately 1 hr long.

Emory Institute for Drug Discovery (EIDD) Lecture Series: The EIDD is comprised of researchers from across Emory.  The mission of the EIDD is to expedite the discovery and development of new drugs.  The lectures in this series provide a good background in the the challenges faced by those trying to develop drugs.  The talks are not technical in nature and are suitable for any audience.