Skin Cancer Curriculum

Skin cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in the United States. The single best way to reduce the incidence of skin cancer is education. Education about skin cancer can lead to more healthy choices with respect to sun exposure and other risk factors related to skin cancer.

To meet the needs of students and teachers worldwide, we have developed a skin cancer education unit that is free to any interested parties. All materials are copyrighted by Emory University but may be used by anyone working in an educational capacity as long as no fees are charged for the materials.

The Skin Cancer unit was constructed to meet the Georgia Performance Science Standards as detailed in the lesson plans.

This curricular unit was developed with help from the melanoma team at the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University.

The lesson plans are free to download and use in non-profit, educational settings.

Skin Cancer Curriculum

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To receive a CD with all of the files:
1.Make a tax-deductible contribution of  $8 or more to CancerQuest (to cover shipping and handling costs).
2. Write us to let us know that you would like a disk. 

When we receive notification of the donation (typically within one week), we will send out the poster via USPS.

Watch an interview with Jan Niles, a melanoma patient.

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