Cancer Biology Animations and Videos

The CancerQuest Documentary is an 11 min video-animation that describes the biological processes that are involved in the development, growth and spread of cancer.

View the full Cancer Biology Documentary.

The Cancer Biology Series includes animations describing the biological processes that are involved with cancer. This interface takes a serial approach for adequately describing all the complicated cancer biology. Step through each selectable topic on the left side of the interface and watch the associated animation/video. For additional information on each topic, we have also included links (located at the bottom of the interface) that take you to relevant CancerQuest pages.

Click on the links below to view the individual animations.

Introduction to Cancer Biology
(Time: 27 sec)
Bodies, Organs & Cells
(Time: 32 sec)
Cell Division
(Time: 25 sec)
Normal Control of Cell Division
(Time: 25 sec)
Tumor Cell Division
(Time: 22 sec)
Cellular Organelles: Nucleus
(Time: 33 sec)
Genes I: Chromosome to DNA
(Time: 48 sec)
Gene Mutation
(Time: 36 sec)
Genes II: Oncogenes
(Time: 44 sec)
Genes III: Tumor Suppressors
(Time: 45 sec)
(Time: 32 sec)
Metastasis: Cancer Cell Migration
(Time: 2 min 12 sec)
Cell Death via Apoptosis
(Time: 40 sec)
Drug Resistance
(Time: 50 sec)
(Total Time: 9 min 51 sec)
Tumor Biology Series

The Tumor Biology animation / video series is designed to provide an overview of normal and cancer cell biology, tumor biology, and cancer treatment.

This project was supported by grants from the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, the Georgia Cancer Coalition, and ongoing support from Emory University.

CancerQuest would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. George H. Jones for being the 'voice of CancerQuest'.


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