Androgen deprivation therapy is commonly used to treat prostate cancer.  A recent study in Australia indicates that this treatment may lead to bone loss in treated men.
A study with a group of men from Colorado showed that about 8 in 10 did not know that men could get breast cancer. While male breast cancer is not common, it does occur.
Results presented at an American Association of Cancer Researchers' meeting suggests that race may be more important than insurance status in determining how long women wait to get a breast cancer diagnosis.
Esophageal cancers associated with HPV infection are associated with multiple sexual partners and have a different prognosis than other esophageal cancers. The differences may mean that treatments for the diseases should also differ.
The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) has released patient friendly versions of their cancer treatment guidelines. The NCCN is a 'go to' place for oncologists and now patients can learn from the same source.
Over 80% of childhood cancer patients survive at least 5 years.  New evidence suggests that their expected lifespan is still reduced.
A bacteria found in the waters off of Key Largo, Florida has been found by University of Florida researchers to produce a chemical, largazole, that has shown the ability to reduce the growth of colorectal cancer cells in experimental systems.  The researchers have shown that the chemical interferes… more