Interview with Dr. Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson sitting in an office

Professor, Department of Medicine
Harvard Medical School, Adult Oncology
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Dr. Johnson is a lung clinician/researcher who is interested in developing and testing new targeted therapies to treat lung cancer.  He also examines the differences between patients who respond to a particular treatment and those that do not fare as well.  In the interview he discusses his research and the value of clinical trials to the drug discovery process.

Interview Questions
About Dr. Johnson
(Time: 11sec )
Research Motivations
(Time: 34sec )
Targeted Versus Chemotherapy
(Time: 1min 52sec )
Research Focus
(Time: 1min 17sec )
Design Patient Treatment
(Time: 1min 6sec )
Model Systems
(Time: 1min 27sec )
Personalized Medicine
(Time: 2min 28sec )
Cancer Genome Atlas
(Time: 3min 16sec )
Research Limitations
(Time: 1min 57sec )
Clinical Trials
(Time: 3min 10sec )
Advice For Students
(Time: 1min 41sec )