Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Engleman

Jeffrey Engleman sitting in office

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Department of Medical Oncology
Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Engleman's research focuses on the ways that cancer cells are 'addicted' to signals from mutated genes and the ways that this affects their response to cancer treatment.  Importantly, his work addresses the development of resistance to the drugs used to treat cancer.  He also discusses how students can/should get involved in research.

Interview Questions
About Dr. Engleman
(Time: 19sec )
Research Motivations
(Time: 55sec )
Oncogene Activation Addiction
(Time: 1min 35sec )
Developing Resistance
(Time: 1min 45sec )
Personal Research
(Time: 1min 24sec )
Resistance Versus Treatment
(Time: 0min 58sec )
Patient Behavior
(Time: 1min 32sec )
Important Recent Discoveries
(Time: 1min 24sec )
Research Limitations
(Time: 52sec )
Lab Training
(Time: 52sec )
Student Advice
(Time: 40sec )