Interview with Dr. Alex Sparreboom

Alex Sparreboom sitting in an office

Faculty Member, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Every patient and every cancer are different.  The goal of Dr. Sparreboom's research is to understand what makes patients respond differently to cancer treatments so that treatments can be personalized and their effectiveness maximized.  In this interview he discusses his research, limitations on laboratory research and the future of personalized medicine.

Interview Questions
About Dr. Alex Sparreboom
(Time: 0min 14sec )
Research Beginnings
(Time: 0min 31sec )
Chemotherapy drug metabolism
(Time: 2min 15sec )
Metabolism Versus Response
(Time: 1min 33sec )
Initial Patient Dosage
(Time: 1min 3sec )
Obesity Versus Response
(Time: 2min 17sec )
Personal Research Contribution
(Time: 0min 59sec )
Personalized Treatments
(Time: 1min 9sec )
Model Systems
(Time: 1min 4sec )
Research Future
(Time: 2min 0sec )
Treatment Demographics
(Time: 1min 11sec )
Research Limitations
(Time: 0min 39sec )
Student Advice
(Time: 1min 2sec )